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5 Reasons Family Caregivers Need Regular Exercise

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Taking care of a senior loved one is a rewarding job, but it can also be stressful and time-consuming. Many caregivers end up neglecting their own health needs. Studies have shown that family caregivers are susceptible to an array of medical conditions, which is why they need to remain physically active. Here are a few reasons caregivers should exercise on a regular basis.

1. Reduce Stress

Exercising can reduce your stress levels by stimulating the release of endorphins. Taking a few minutes to exercise also helps you meditate, which can go a long way toward minimizing stress. Depending on your daily routine, you can either engage in simple exercises such as yoga or perform strenuous activities like running or swimming laps.

In Folsom, respite care is a great help to many families. Caring for a senior loved one can be overwhelming at times, which puts family caregivers at risk for burnout. However, an in-home caregiver can take over your loved one’s care, allowing you the time you need to focus on your own health, maintain a full-time job, or care for other members of your family.

2. Increase Strength and Energy Levels

It can be exhausting to take care of a senior loved one living with a serious health issue. Physical strength is an important part of caregiving, especially if your parent requires assistance with mobility. A combination of weightlifting and aerobic exercises can help you increase your strength and energy levels.

3. Boost Mood

Endorphins reduce stress levels and boost mood. When you exercise regularly, you may notice a change in your entire demeanor. You’re likely to feel happier and develop the right outlook to tackle the day’s challenges. Exercising can also help you conquer anxiety, depression, and other negative caregiver emotions.

You can also reduce your stress levels and boost your mood by delegating your caregiving duties to a professional caregiver. If you are the primary caregiver for a senior family member and are looking for professional home care, Folsom Home Care Assistance should be your top choice. Our dedicated and compassionate caregivers are committed to helping older adults manage their health and enjoy a higher quality of life in the golden years.

4. Boost the Immune System

Studies have shown that exercising for a few weeks can strengthen the immune system and boost overall health. By staying active, you’re less likely to spread illnesses to your loved one who may have a weak immune system.

5. Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Exercising is one of the best ways to combat insomnia. Many caregivers are up late at night worrying about whether they’re making the right decisions or how they’re going to manage all of their tasks for the next day. If you get a little exercise during the day, you’re likely to sleep better at night.

Caring for a senior loved one can be challenging for families who don’t have expertise or professional training in home care, but this challenge doesn’t have to be faced alone. Family caregivers can turn to Folsom Home Care Assistance for the help they need. We provide high-quality live-in and respite care as well as comprehensive Alzheimer’s, dementia, stroke, and Parkinson’s care. To learn about our high-quality in-home care options, give us a call at 916.226.3737 today.