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5 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Home Care Agency

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When your loved one needs assistance with his or her daily activities, a licensed Folsom home care organization connects you with compassionate and experienced caregivers. Before making a commitment, ask these questions to ensure the agency you choose is the right one for your loved one’s happiness and safety.

1. What Is the Screening Process for Your Caregivers?

Since your loved one and his or her caregiver may spend several hours together at home, you would want to know if the caregiver is trustworthy. You should expect for caregivers to undergo screening methods, e.g. background checks and drug tests, to ensure they are solely committed to promoting better living environments for seniors.

2. Do Your Caregivers Undergo Training?

The educational requirements for caregivers may vary among home care agencies. While a college degree isn’t necessary to be a good caregiver, special training is important before a caregiver can assist a senior. Professional caregivers in Folsom, CA, undergo continuous training to keep their skills fresh, and use strategies based upon senior care best practices.

3. What Is My Responsibility?

When you seek home care services, it is likely because you have other important matters to tend to. For this reason, you need to be clear about what role you will be expected to play. For example, some home care agencies employ contractors, which may affect your tax obligations, while others employ full-time caregivers, saving you from insurance and employer tax burdens.

4. What Happens If a Caregiver Is Sick or on Vacation?

Your loved one deserves high-quality care, and his or her caregiver needs to be as consistent as possible. For this reason, a reputed home care agency may assign one dedicated caregiver for your loved one, and have an emergency plan in place should the caregiver take a leave. Many home care agencies occasionally rotate staff members to familiarize seniors with several different caregivers.

5. How Does Everyone Communicate?

Since senior care is often a team effort, home care agencies often encourage their caregivers to develop relationships with the entire family. Communication journals, medication logs, and regular phone calls or emails allow caregivers to keep you informed regarding the care they provide. The home care agency should also have formal complaint processing strategies and amendable senior care plans, such that their primary goal is to enhance the quality of your loved one’s life.

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