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7 Ways Aging Adults Can Strengthen Their Legs

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Strong legs can help seniors prevent falls and increase their mobility. Over time, it is common for leg muscles to weaken when they are not given proper stimulation. Your loved one may also need to exercise his or her leg muscles after a prolonged illness or injury. Encourage your loved one to engage in one or more of these leg strengthening exercises.

1. Go for a Walk

Walking is one of the simplest forms of exercise that seniors can do. If your aging loved one has difficulty with balance, make sure to provide support. Using a walker or holding a caregiver’s arm may help him or her feel more comfortable walking.

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2. Do Chair Exercises

Seniors who have difficulty walking can use a chair for support as they exercise their legs. From a sitting position, your loved one can do leg lifts that work out the quadriceps. He or she can also roll the ankles to increase flexibility and strength in the joints. Standing up and sitting back down using only the legs also helps seniors build their leg muscles.

3. Try Step-Ups

Walking up a staircase or using a stair stepping machine is a wonderful way to exercise the back of the thighs and calves. Since going up stairs is more challenging than walking, have your loved one start slowly with a few simple steps.

4. Visit the Swimming Pool

Swimming is a refreshing way to exercise and have some fun. Using the water for support can also take the pressure off your loved one’s joints, which makes exercising more comfortable. Start by having your loved one hold on to the side of the pool and kick his or her legs. He or she can also do water aerobics, walk through shallow water, and perform leg lifts in the water to increase leg strength.

5. Practice Partner Yoga

Yoga is another type of leg exercise seniors can use to strengthen their leg muscles, and partner yoga can even be done with a caregiver. To learn poses, your loved one can view videos online or consider taking yoga classes.

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6. Ride a Bike

Cycling is another low-impact way for seniors to strengthen their legs. Seniors who lack balance can use a stationary bike. Two bikes can be placed next to each other so seniors can turn this into a social activity with their caregivers and friends, or they can head to the gym to meet new people.

7. Enjoy a Hike

Hiking on a dirt trail challenges leg muscles in a different way than walking on pavement. If your loved one is a beginner, he or she should look for an easy trail and let someone know when he or she is venturing into the wilderness.

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